Benefits of Dental Implants in Rockwall, Texas. A dental implant is a tooth root replacement. It consists of a titanium screw with an artificial tooth attached to it. The screw serves as the prosthetic tooth’s solid base or new root when it replaces a lost tooth. We can place a detachable replacement tooth on an implant, such as dentures, or a fixed, permanent tooth, such as a crown.

You may or may not require dental implants. At Genuine Dentistry, we can thoroughly examine your situation and provide useful information and recommendations.


Why Get Dental Implants?

Implants look good, just like your natural teeth. Dr. Schweers will match your implant’s color, shape, and size to your natural teeth. We can use them to replace teeth you dislike for aesthetic or functional reasons. 

Because we embed the rod in your gums and jawbone like a real tooth root, you’ll have a natural feeling while biting strong, functional teeth. We surgically insert the implant in the upper or lower jawbone, then use an abutment or attachment piece to install a dental crown on top.

Implants are a relatively new dental innovation. For years, people with missing teeth or tooth problems had few alternatives for treatment, which mostly consisted of bridges and dentures. Implants can be a great way to replace a tooth since they are more durable, natural-functioning, and attractive than other options.

Dr. Schweers will use the latest technology and best dental practices to ensure comfort during your dental implant placement procedure.


The Many Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants can also improve chewing and digestion, especially compared to dentures. Dentures are one alternative to implants. While they can be less expensive, they can also come free while eating. Alternatively, implants work in the same way that your actual teeth do. You may enjoy your favorite meals with confidence and ease, as chewing is never a problem. 

Implants can also help with speech restoration and improvement. Traditional dentures do not fit as well as dentures attached to implants. Your implants will not move while you’re speaking.

Implants also eliminate the requirement for the dentist to prep and form nearby healthy teeth. Bridges and crowns, for example, require that the dentist alter surrounding healthy teeth to support the prosthetic. However, it’s usually best to leave healthy teeth alone whenever possible. An implant provides the artificial tooth’s root and only reinforces it. It is possible for the teeth next to it to maintain their original, healthy state.

And bone loss can be stopped, reduced, or avoided with implants. Your jawbone in the area where you lack teeth will degrade over time if you don’t replace them. Implants prevent this in the same way that natural teeth avoid it.

Without implants, this bone loss might alter the appearance of your face. It’s also possible that your jaw muscles will deteriorate. This can make your face appear “saggy.” Implants help by strengthening the jaw muscles, which support the structure and the healthy jawbone. 

Implants will never stain or rot because they’re composed of titanium. However, their durability does not eliminate the necessity to brush or clean around implants. The gum tissue and surrounding teeth must remain clean and healthy.


How Long Does it Take to Have a Dental Implant?

The implant operation may take less time than you think. The procedure itself usually takes an hour or two. However, the overall process may require multiple appointments as the body heals. The procedure is gradual from beginning to end, enabling your teeth, mouth, and jaw to adjust as we place the new implants.


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Getting dental implants is almost like getting brand-new teeth. Call us today to set up a consultation. We’ll take a thorough look at your dental situation and help you determine if dental implants are right for you.